Digital Piggy Bank

IAT 267
Team Project

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An electronics project,

This Digital Piggy Bank was the final project in IAT 267, the result of learning the basics of electronics and Arduino. Its goal is to help children develop financial literacy skills and form good saving habits.

Children can set a monetary goal they want to save up to with pushbuttons. Setting a goal locks the money drawer to prevent them from taking the money out before they reach the goal. The drawer unlocks when the goal has been reached.

Coins are detected by photocells when falling through their respective holes on a 3D printed coin ramp. Bills are detected using a colour sensor. While the bill detection did not work 100% of the time, there was no other similarly-priced option to detect Canadian bills. These systems are hooked up to two Arduinos (one for bill detection, one for everything else) and displayed on an LCD display. There is also auditory feedback done through Processing.

I contributed the following to this project:
- All electronics
- All coding
- 3D modelling coin ramp
- Some construction of final product
- Some documentation