Lazer Bowling

IAT 267
Individual Project

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An electronics project,

Lazer Bowling is the result of a "toy hack" assignment, where we modified existing toys or games to incorporate sensors, inputs and outputs, and an interactive feedback system. I use Arduino, Processing, and serial communication to achieve the end result.

I decided to modify a miniature bowling set. The final product allows you to track your score automatically like a typical bowling alley does. You can have up to four players and you control the scoring system with pushbuttons. Photocells sit below the pins and trigger when a pin gets knocked down. There are five rounds to a game. Each round, you have three tries to knock down the five pins. Watch the walkthrough to learn more.

Note: The toy was meant to exist on its own. Due to shipping issues, I could not incorporate the LCD display in time. Instead, I used Processing to capture and display the scoreboard.